Trash Collection


Most people in Kern County have curbside trash collection. From Lost Hills to Boron, local waste haulers are contracted, under a franchise system, to provide this service to residents living within the County. Incorporated cities negotiate their own hauling contracts to provide trash collection. The only exception is within the City of Bakersfield where the City's Solid Waste Division and local waste haulers provide curbside refuse collection.

There are remote areas of the County whereby collection service is provided through bin sites and transfer stations. Residents living in rural, unincorporated county areas may contact the Public Works Department to find out more information regarding available disposal options.

Trash Collection Service Providers Listed by Community


Metro Bakersfield residents also have curbside collection of large household items. This "Call-to-Schedule" service is free to residents and provides an easy opportunity to get rid of bulky household items such as mattresses, couches, appliances and the like. Items are picked up and are re-used, recycled or disposed of. For information on the CURBSIDE BULKY WASTE ITEM COLLECTION call:

Common large items collected include:

  • Furniture: sofas, love seats, chairs, tables, desks, shelving units, mattresses, bed frames, box springs and dressers.
  • Appliances: washers, dryers, stoves, refrigerators, water heaters, microwave ovens and range tops.
  • Outdoor Toys/Patio: lawn chairs, patio tables, patio chairs, large toys, grills and kiddie pools.
  • NO Household Hazardous Waste: paint, varnish, motor oil, automotive fluids, car batteries, insecticide, pesticide, pool/spa chemicals, bleach, ammonia, household or shop cleaners.
  • No Tires.
  • No construction, demolition or remodeling materials.

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Solid Waste Collection Charges

To view a copy of your Solid Waste Collection Charges for Fiscal Year 2023-2024, click on the option below that pertains to you. If you are uncertain which one to select, refer to the maps below or give us a call at (661) 862-8900 for assistance.