Waiver Applications

All multi-family properties and commercial properties must arrange for containers for both recycling and organic waste recycling (including food waste and green waste). Certain commercial and multifamily complexes (five units or more) may qualify for waivers from these mandatory programs. The exceptions would be for locations that qualify for waivers due to de minimis volumes of organic waste generation; or those with severe space restrictions that prevent placement of one or more required containers; or those seeking reduced collection frequency.

Kern County Public Works only has the authority to grant these waivers to entities located within the unincorporated areas of Kern County. Please move forward with the waiver only if your business is within the unincorporated area of Kern County. To learn the jurisdiction your business falls in, please follow the steps presented below and use this visual guide.

  • Visit the Kern County Assessor’s Property Search function
  • Type in the address, then select View GIS Map hyperlink
  • Parcel will display the name of the incorporated city if it falls in their boundary
  • If the area is identified in white, it is within unincorporated Kern

If your business is located in an incorporated city, please contact your city directly.

  • City of Arvin – (661) 854-3134
  • City of Bakersfield – (661) 326-3114
  • City of California City – (760) 373-7199
  • City of Delano – (661) 721-3350
  • City of Maricopa – (661) 769-8279
  • City of McFarland – (661) 792-3091
  • City of Ridgecrest – (760) 499-5080
  • City of Shafter – (661) 746-5004
  • City of Taft – (661) 763-1222
  • City of Tehachapi – (661) 822-2200
  • City of Wasco – (661) 758-5316

If you believe you qualify for a waiver, please review and complete the applicable SB 1383 Waiver Request Form(s). The form(s) must be filled out completely, without any missing data for consideration from the County. The County’s determination on your business’s waiver is final. If waiver is not approved, your business is required to subscribe to mandated service immediately. Keep in mind that County-granted waivers and approval/denial must follow approved state criteria and regulations.

If you choose to email the waiver form, please download waiver form(s) and email to organics@kerncounty.com, or mail to Kern County Public Works Department at 2700 M Street, Suite 450, Bakersfield, CA 93301.

Businesses granted waivers will be exempted for a five-year period from state requirements. To remain exempt, state law requires you to submit written verification of eligibility to the County every five years. During each five-year exemption period, state law also requires that you notify the County any time the waste generated at your business exceeds the qualifying waste-generation amount for any waiver granted or of any other relevant changes.