Lynn Brooks, PE
Assistant Director

Public Works Role

This department operates seven sanitary landfills and seven transfer stations offering disposal and recycling services for Kern County. We collaborate with various community partners in promoting recycling and ways to reduce.

Services include:

Community Outreach Programs

We also coordinate events to better service the needs of our communities throughout the County.

Operations Division Contacts:

Engineering Manager
661-862-8873 • BurfordJ@kerncounty.com
Special Projects Manager
661-862-8861 • Burns-LusichM@kerncounty.com
Public Works Manager
Gate House Operations & Special Waste Facilities
661-862-8983 • ColeyW@kerncounty.com
Engineering Manager
Road Maintenance
661-862-8854 • EvansM@kerncounty.com
Engineering Manager
Kern Transit
661-862-8859 • BobN@kerncounty.com
Public Works Manager
Landfill & Recycling Operations
661-862-8940 • ShrederL@kerncounty.com
Engineering Manager
Operations Division
661-862-8908 • Waste@kerncounty.com

Kern County Public Works Department

Mission Statement: To provide public infrastructure, facilitate development, and deliver services that protect and enhance the lives of the people of Kern County.