Zone Maps

While the Department strives to maintain the most current version of these images at this site, no guarantee is made as to the completeness of the information shown on these images. If you find what you believe is an error, please call 661-862-5100 or E-mail us at and let us know.

To download the images:

Step One:

Locate the Township that you want from the Zone Map Index above;

Step Two:

If you know your map number, you can download it from the Zone Map Table below;

Step Three:

Click on the 'Save' Icon next to the Map Number you want from the Community Zone Map Index.


Zone Map Index

File sizes vary from 40 KB to 230 KB.

Zone Maps

Image Properties:

Zone Maps are named with a leading "Z" (for Zone Map), followed by a 3 digit number representing the desired Township (001-255), followed (if necessary) by an underscore (_) and a 2 digit number representing the Section number (01-36) IF a Section detail map exists. Many Townships have no Section details. [EXAMPLES: Z103_26.TIF would show the Zone Map for Section 26, of Township 29 South, Range 28 East, MDM; Z103.TIF would show that entire Township]