Kern County Mapping and Survey Information

For information regarding maps, easements, field notes, and bench marks please contact the Map Room @ (661) 862-5067.


Types of Maps




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  • Alquist-Priolo

    Special Study Zone Maps 

  • Case Maps

    A Case Map shows subdivisions (Tracts, Parcel Maps, etc.), Streets & Highways dedicated to public use, proposed highway alignments, Waterways (rivers, lakes, canals), Jurisdictional limit boundaries, Local Government properties, Easements dedicated to public use (access, drainage, etc.) and recording information about each document. 

  • Corner Records

    Corner records are filed when a record of survey is not required by law. 

  • Corner Ties (Swing Ties)

    Corner Ties (Swing Ties) are notes that show distances from a given point to a survey monument. 

  • County Roads

    Maps of County roads that can show right of way width, location and bearing of a given road. (Shown by county road number only, available from Case Maps) 

  • County Road Records

    County Road Records are records of the date of documents such as acceptance into the county road system. (Most contain the legal description) 

  • Filed Maps

    A Filed Map shows survey activity, performed by the County Surveyor's Office or the State of California, and is on file in the County Surveyor's Office. At this time, survey activity maps done by the State of California have not been scanned, and are NOT currently available for download. Copies may be obtained from local blueprint companies. 

  • Government Plats

    Government Plats are the original (and ongoing) surveys done by the federal Government to establish or re-establish Township and Section Corners. 

  • Miscellaneous Surveys

    Quality of map may vary due to age of map and file size restrictions, please zoom in. Paper copies can be viewed in the Public Services Building. 

  • Parcel Maps

    A Parcel Map shows the subdivision of land into Parcels for sale and is recorded in the County Recorder's Office. Parcel Maps typically contain fewer "Lots" than Tract Maps and requirements for improvements (to the property) are less extensive than those required for Tract Maps. 

  • Record of Survey Maps

    A Record of Survey Map shows survey activity, performed by a licensed land surveyor, and is recorded in the County Recorder's Office. 

  • Sales Maps

    First Subdivisions, newer than Governments Plats 

  • Seismic Hazard Atlas

    7.5 and 15 minute siesmic hazard maps. 

  • Street Intersection Ties

    Information that ties out street intersections survey markers 

  • Tract Maps

    A Tract Map shows the subdivision of land into Lots for sale and is recorded in the County Recorder's Office. 

  • Zone Maps

    A Zone Map shows the regulated land use (zone districts) for each lot or parcel of land. 

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