Electronic (E-Waste)

Computer Monitors and Televisions

Current state and federal regulations mandate that cathode ray tubes (CRTs) found in computer monitors and televisions cannot be disposed of in landfills. However, there are several REUSE & RECYCLING options available to Kern County residents:

• Televisions and computer monitors, still in working condition, can be donated to local nonprofit organizations to be reused.
• Non-working computer monitors and televisions are accepted at Kern County Disposal sites and Special Waste Facilities (see page 14) for recycling at NO CHARGE.
• Non-working computer monitors and televisions are also accepted for recycling at thrift shops and non-profit organizations such as Goodwill Industries, Salvation Army, St. Vincent de Paul, Bakersfield Association of Retarded Citizens (BARC) and others that have been authorized by the state.

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It is estimated that 6,000 computers become obsolete in California everyday! Less than 15% of these are recycled.

Business E-Waste


Large volumes of Electronic Waste which include televisions and computer monitors can be recycled at approved locations in Kern County. See A-Z Section, page 26 for a complete listing.

Electronic Waste can also be recycled at Kern County disposal sites or Special Waste Facilities (see page 14). There is NO CHARGE for Covered Electronic Wastes (televisions, computer monitors and DVD players with screens). However, a FEE IS CHARGED for other electronic waste such as computer peripherals, copiers, CPUs, stereos, VCR’s, and other electronic devices

Other Electronics

The method to recycle other electronic waste such as central processing units (CPUs), computer peripherals, stereos, VCRs, copiers, and other circuit board containing devices is constantly evolving. Please see the listing under “Electronics” in the A-Z Section (see page 26) of this guide for re-use/recycling locations. For the latest details on local electronics handling options, check our website: (www.KernPublicWorks.com)

Computer Printer / Copier / Fax Machine Supplies

Did you know that when your toner cartridge or inkjet cartridge is empty, it can be refilled for less money than buying a new one? There are many companies that recycle cartridges, either paying outright for the cartridge or offering a discount on the purchase of a refilled one. For a local source, go to the A-Z section – Toner Cartridges on page 30.

Close the Loop

Help support recycling efforts by buying recycled toner and inkjet cartridges. Recycled/re-manufactured cartridges often need to meet the same standards as new cartridges.