EcoHero Show

The Kern County Public Works Department is pleased to bring something new to Kern County Schools! The EcoHero Show was created by "Mr. Eco" who is an environmentalist, educator, entrepreneur, philanthropist, NARAS Grammy voting musician, and YouTuber. As the Chief Eco Officer, he has brought the show from idea to concept with performances around the globe for six years. Along with Mr. Eco, there is Ms. Eco, Lola Eco and EcoHero Lexi who perform at various schools internationally.

Each show is performed with the philosophy that every kid can change the world! They teach dances or call and response to each of their music videos. After each song, various ecology topics are discussed through story telling and help explain to students how they can have an impact on the ecosystem at home and at school.

Topics include not littering, recycling, food waste, saving water, energy efficiency and using reusable items.


Educators interested in the program can request more information through the contact form below.

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