Community Outreach

Public education and community outreach are ongoing activities for the Department. Effective communication is a must to ensure efficient management of the waste stream. Staff members participate in community and business events, street fairs and public speaking opportunities. Written materials, face-to-face discussions, website activity, radio and television commercials, press conferences and media events are important outreach tools to get the Public Works message to the general public. Click Here for a list of events the Public Works Department will be attending.

We also believe that education, at the elementary school level, can have a lasting impact on the future of this county. The Kern County Public Works Department, in partnership with the nonprofit organization Community Clean Sweep, provides an interactive, environmental puppet show program to thousands of elementary-aged students each year. The Clean Kids Puppet Shows are often the first introduction children have to the world of waste. For more information on this award-winning educational program, Click Here.

Kern County Public Works Department

Mission Statement: To provide public infrastructure, facilitate development, and deliver services that protect and enhance the lives of the people of Kern County.