Parcel Map Waivers Checklist

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It is requested that surveyors and engineers please use this form as their checklist for the preparation of Parcel Map Waiver (legal descriptions and illustrations) to be submitted, through the Planning and Community Development Department, to the County Surveyor. The purposes of this form are first, to inform all parties in advance of the County ordinance and policy requirements, and secondly, to expedite our review.

The ultimate goal is the initial receipt of legal descriptions and illustrations that are acceptable for signing
and filing without any changes.

For direct reference, please review Chapter 18.30 of the Kern County Land Division Ordinance.

PLEASE NOTE: Items which are underlined and bold have, historically, been problem areas.


Per Section 8761 of the California Business & Professions Code, all legal descriptions, submitted, are to be written by a Licensed Land Surveyor or a Registered Civil Engineer, authorized to practice land surveying. “It is unlawful for any person to sign, stamp, seal, or approve any map, plat, report, description, or other document unless the person is authorized to practice land surveying.”

When writing a metes and bounds description, make physical calls when approaching, following,
and departing the existing boundaries of adjacent properties.

Aliquot are acceptable (desirable), when appropriate.

Areas are not required in the legal description.


  1. Sheet size is 8½” x 11″ (Letter Size)
  2. The following information on the illustration will be verified by ESS:Lot lines, dimensions, bearings and distances (if not an aliquot division), and areas of the original parcel(s) and adjusted parcels. If gross area is less than 2.5 acres, show net area, also. If any area is less than 1.0 Acre, show it in square feet.
  3. Provide calculation sheets which verify any Sectional breakdown and the courses (and area) of each Lot being created. If the gross area is less than 2.5 acres, provide calc. sheets which verify net area, also.

PLEASE NOTE: Per Section 18.70.207 of the Land Division Ordinance:

“Net lot or parcel area” means the horizontal area within the lot or parcel boundary lines and exclusive of the area contained within the street or access road and including only that area which is suitable for its intended purpose.