Division Seven

Construction Security

Chapter I. General

Sec. 701-1 Purpose and Scope

The following unit prices are to be used when security is required for developments within the unincorporated area of Kern County. The unit prices may be revised when construction costs differ significantly from current amounts. Revisions will be made by the Director with consultation of private engineers.

Sec. 701-2 Preparation and Approval of Engineer’s Estimate

Estimates shall be prepared by a registered engineer for the developer and approved by the Director. Small projects/estimates shall be adjusted to the approval of the Director.

Sec. 701-3 Reduction in Estimates

When a portion of the work required is completed prior to posting security, the security may be reduced based on work completed. The security amount shall be as follows:

  1. Total estimate
  2. Minus estimated work completed
  3. Plus 20% of (1-2) (See Section 702-9)
  4. Plus 10% of work completed. The estimate of work completed shall be approved by the Director.

Chapter II. Unit Prices - see complete file
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