Division Eight

Survey Monuments

Chapter I. General

Sec. 801-1 Purpose and Scope

Survey monuments shall be set in accordance with the Land Division Ordinance by a surveyor registered in the State of California, or an appropriately licensed civil engineer, for all land developments. All monuments shall be properly identified by the surveyor or engineer setting the monuments.

Chapter II. Monuments

Sec. 802-1 Permanent Monuments (Streets)

Monuments for street locations shall be precast concrete blocks in the shape of a frustum of a cone with a base diameter of ten (10) inches, a top diameter of six (6) inches and a height of ten (10) inches per Plate R-70. These monuments shall be set at all points of intersection of street centerline, all angle points of street centerline and all beginning and ending of curvature along street centerlines.

Sec. 802-2 Permanent Monuments (Boundaries)

The surveyor may use the street monument, or a two (2) inch iron pipe a minimum of 18 inches in length, for boundary monuments. Iron pipes shall be filled with concrete or have a two x two (2 x 2) redwood stake driven in the top of the pipe or a suitable metal cap driven into or permanently fixed to the pipe. Boundary monuments shall be set along the exterior boundary of the development at all angle points, all curve points and all points of intersection.

Sec. 802-3 Monuments (Lot Corners)

Monuments shall be set for all lot corners in a development by a surveyor. Monuments for lot corners shall be a one (1) inch iron pipe a minimum of 12 inches in length, or a one-half (1/2) inch rebar or a five-eighths (5/8) inch rebar a minimum of 18 inches in length with a plastic or aluminum cap. Where concrete curb and gutter exists, the surveyor may set brass tags in the curb along the offset of the lot line. Tag and nail shall be set in wet concrete or in a drilled hole filled with approved epoxy. Brass tags shall be set where extended lot lines intersect the concrete curb.

Sec. 802-4 Monuments General

The County Surveyor shall determine the number, type and location for all survey monuments.

Variance to the above requirements may be granted or required by the County Surveyor.