Lake Isabella Flood Area

Updated anticipated areas to be flooded in the unlikely event should Lake Isabella Dam fail

In early 2008, the United Army Corp of Engineer completed the initial preparation of an updated map which shows the areas around metropolitan Bakersfield which would likely be flooded in the unlikely case that the Dam should fail at Lake Isabella.  As part of the maps provided the County they have also included maps which show the anticipated depth and velocity of water and the anticipated time when the flows could reach the Bakersfield area if a fail of the dam occurred.

To view these documents, it is suggested you click on the appropriate link to view the pdfs of maps.   These maps are based on worst case scenario of Main Dam failure with the lake full.


Lake Isabella Community Area

The County’s interactive GIS also contains the maps which were prepared in the early 1970’s by the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers that shows the areas of Kern County which could be affected should the dam fail on Lake Isabella, Jacobsen Lake in the Cummings Valley area and Berrenda Mesa Lake north of Lost Hills.

PLEASE NOTE IN USING THE MAPS AND INFORMATION: The Corp of Engineers has loaned the County of Kern the above documents “For official use only” and consented to us making the maps available to the public for their viewing and self planning. This information is not an evacuation map and should be used for general guidance and planning purposes. Actual areas which may flood and time may vary from the areas depicted on the map.

This information is compiled from multiple sources that do not always exactly align with each other. Discrepancies are most predominant in the mountain areas. Use of the map is provided for general guidance and preplanning only. Using these maps, especially in the mountain areas, the user should account for any misalignment with the terrain and aerial photos.