Admin & Engineering

Samuel Lux, PE
Assistant Director

Public Works Role

This section provides support services to the Public Works Department including finance management, purchasing, contract management, and general administration. Also within this section is advanced planning, traffic engineering, design engineering, and materials testing.

Public Services include:

  • Public Information
  • Advanced Planning
  • Design Engineering
  • Traffic Engineering

Admin & Engineering Division Contacts:

Public Works Manager
Advanced Planning
661-862-5292 •
Engineering Support Supervisor
Materials Laboratory
661-862-5198 •
Engineering Manager
Traffic Engineering
661-862-8838 •
Business Manager
661-862-8821 •
Administrative Services Offices
661-862-5113 •
Assistant Director
661-862-8858 •
Design Engineering

Kern County Public Works Department

Mission Statement: To provide public infrastructure, facilitate development, and deliver services that protect and enhance the lives of the people of Kern County.