Building Safety Month

May is Building Safety Month and the Kern County Building Inspection Division wants you to participate! Sponsored by the International Code Council and the International Code Council Foundation, “Building Safety Month: An International Celebration of Safe and Sensible Structures,” encourages everyone to raise awareness of the importance of building safety; green and sustainable building; pool, spa, and hot tub safety; and new technologies in the construction industry. Please take appropriate steps to ensure that the places where we live, learn, work and play are safe and sustainable.

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Spring time is here, and so is the warm weather with swim season right around the corner! Please make sure your pool barrier (gates, fence, etc.) is safe and secure and working properly. Gates should be self closing and self latching. Move tables and chairs away from the fence so kids can’t use them as a ladder to gain access to the pool. Keep an eye on your kids at all times. It only takes a few moments for an accident to happen!

Unfortunately, we are also rapidly approaching the season for wildland fires! Make sure to maintain a defensible space around your home by clearing all flammable vegetation and trimming dead branches. Keep combustibles away from the exterior of your home. Fire tends to use the combustible patio furniture, stack of fire wood, kids toys, etc. as a “ladder” to get to the structure.Don’t forget to test and/or replace the batteries in your smoke detectors!

Also, if you have a garage attached to your home, or you have a fireplace or fuel burning appliance inside your home, be aware that a recent law requires carbon monoxide detectors to be installed in all existing homes prior to July 1, 2011. If you haven’t already installed one, you can purchase these at most home improvement centers. They are simple to install and relatively inexpensive. Just follow the manufacturer’s installation instructions.