Tarp Your Trash Fee Targets Roadside Litter

Beginning August 1, 2010, the Waste Management Department will be charging $5.00 per ton, with a $5.00 minimum per load fee, for vehicles that come to any of its disposal sites with an untarped or unsecured load.

In a recent survey conducted by the Department, it was determined that 57 percent of vehicles visiting county disposal facilities were untarped or unsecured. Fly-away litter and bulky items from these loads often blow or fall out of vehicles and litter the roads leading to disposal facilities. The goal of the Unsecured/Untarped Load Fee is to achieve 100 percent compliance, which means that all vehicles transporting waste to county disposal sites are properly tarped and secured.

County ordinance and state law requires that trash loads be secured and tarped or fines of up to $1,000 can be imposed on violators. Canvases and plastic tarps, rope and bungee cords are simple tools residents can use to completely cover and or secure their trash during transport.

“With the budget cuts we are implementing, we do not have the manpower to clean up the fly-away litter and bulky items found along our roadsides. We need residents to help us reduce litter by properly securing and tarping their load before transporting it to a disposal site”, said Doug Landon, Director of the Kern County Waste Management Department.

Tarp Your Trash 7-28-10 release FINAL (PDF 56.86 kB)